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Hardcover - Numbers in English - Chinese (Mandarin) - Bilingual Board Book

Hardcover - Numbers in English - Chinese (Mandarin) - Bilingual Board Book

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Vibrant and adorable book art stickers from Numbers in English and Chinese.

Can be placed on anything for decorations or for fun. Versatile use. Great add on with the book and worksheets. 

Product included:
25 Stickers (Size: 2"x1.5") 

This product is copyrighted by JKTDesignsCo. It is only for personal use. Commercial use, modifying, any altering, or reselling of the product is prohibited. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please feel free to contact me. I am able also open for requests and customizations. I hope you enjoy the stickers! Thank you for your purchase.  

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Customer Reviews

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Mandarin Resource

This book is very easy to follow and understand. My 7 year old likes the vivid illustrations and the layout of the book. Perfect beginner book.

Ioana N.
Excellent mandarin language resource

I have been looking for a great resource book to start learning mandarin with my daughter and came across this website and I can honestly say they have the best study material. The number book I purchased it’s delightful and engaging, not just for kids but for adults as well, making learning to count in Mandarin a joyful adventure. With colorful illustrations and easy explanations, this book is sure to captivate any learners and instill a love for language from an early age. Looking forward to purchasing more material from this website to advance my mandarin language knowledge.

Jackson Yu
Excellent little book!

Exactly what I was looking to give my grandnephew as he starts learning numbers in English and Mandarin.