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Hardcover - Numbers in English - Chinese (Cantonese) - Bilingual Board Book

Hardcover - Numbers in English - Chinese (Cantonese) - Bilingual Board Book

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Vibrant and adorable book art stickers from Numbers in English and Chinese.

Can be placed on anything for decorations or for fun. Versatile use. Great add on with the book and worksheets. 

Product included:
25 Stickers (Size: 2"x1.5") 

This product is copyrighted by JKTDesignsCo. It is only for personal use. Commercial use, modifying, any altering, or reselling of the product is prohibited. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please feel free to contact me. I am able also open for requests and customizations. I hope you enjoy the stickers! Thank you for your purchase.  

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Customer Reviews

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Mercia Pacheco
I love it!

This book is simple, yet so educational. I am excited about teaching my children to count in Cantonese! Jennifer, this book is amazing. Thank you for thinking of our children when you wrote this book.

Great learning tool

My husband is Cantonese and we wanted to teach our son the language. This book arrived in great quality. Thick pages and vibrant colors. It is perfect for little kids and my son loves it. It has very cute pictures too. Would recommend if you’re trying to teach your kids Cantonese.